Newsletter May 2020

Optimize your immune system

First of all I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Times like this are a reminder that there is nothing more important than focusing on a healthy immune system as the real protection against any virus or bacteria. Germs are not the cause of disease, even though they can certainly play a part in illness. Only if the body’s defences are not working properly are we getting sick. It can be compared to fertile soil. Only when we have fertile soil for the germs to host and grow can they cause issues. As with the current pandemic, there are many people infected without even knowing it or having any symptoms because their immune system is handling it. How can we make sure to be in such a protected state?

The basis of a healthy immune system is a healthy nervous system, a balanced energetic system, balanced emotions, and low stress. Clearing of energetic blockages to allow a balanced emotional and energetic state is usually one of the first things to do besides making sure to eat healthy and natural foods so you have all the required minerals and vitamins, and a good pH balance in the body. 

An NES bioenergetic scan, which can also be done remotely, is a great way to start. It’s one of the best assessment tools available to show the priorities to focus on in order to achieve and maintain a healthy and balanced state. Find out about energetic blockages, energetic immunity, emotional state, subconscious beliefs and patterns, digestion and metabolism, vitamin fields, and much more in just a few seconds. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions regarding an NES bioenergetic scan, beneficial vitamins, supplements, or how to achieve a good pH balance in the body.

Get well – Stay well!