Experience how information and energy are key to health

  • Bioenergy scan of the human body field to measure hundreds of wellness points and identify blockages and energy levels in organ systems
    Scanning the Human Body Field and explaining the results. Clearing energy blockages with miHealth and discussing further actions
    $100 – 60 minutes
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  • Three Month “Get Well” Package
    One scan per month , clearing energy blockages with miHealth, and five Infoceuticals per month
    $650 (please email or phone for this package, must be purchased in advance)
  • Hypnotherapy
    Working on subconscious blockages / releasing old destructive behaviours / releasing phobias
    $120 – 60 minutes
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  • Bioenergy scan plus Hypnotherapy
    Scanning the human body field, clearing energy blockages, and working on subconscious blockages / releasing old destructive behaviours
    $160 – 120 minutes
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  • Remote Bioenergy Scan
    $20 if you have your own scanner (I will look at your scan and tell you what I notice), $50 for a more detailed explanation of your results without clearing blockages, $80 for full session including remote clearing of blockages
  • Reiki session
    $90 – 60 minutes or $210 for 3 sessions
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  • Quick Bio Energetic Synchronization
    $20 – 10 minutes
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  • Free Consultation
    20 minutes
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Friday by Donation

If money is an issue please visit me on a Friday. This is on a trust basis to support individuals and families that are in need but can not afford the services at the regular rate.


Please click the “Book Online” link under the above listed services to see availability and book online. If you are having trouble finding a time that works for you please give me a call and we can arrange something outside the regular schedule.