I would like to highly recommend NES Health with their Infoceuticals to anybody wanting to truly address underlying issues, emotional blockages, trauma, and patterns in our daily lives that we are not even aware we have or follow. I have been using NES Health since 2017 and I strongly believe that through those scans our bodies work on whatever has priority to be dealt with. This is a holistic method not just addressing momentary discomfort or pain but healing from the root cause up. There are a lot of emotional layers that have been opening up for me and I feel I have grown on multiple levels while gaining better understanding about myself and how everything is connected.

Wolfgang brings a lot of knowledge, compassion, time, and the ambition to support the healing process. His explanations about what is going on in the body help me understand underlying issues and reflect upon changing behaviours, just as much as working towards complete health and a balanced life. He also has a great approach to support a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, relaxation, and stress management. He is never pressed for time and I always feel uplifted and balanced after every session.

S.Z., Victoria, B.C. (March 2019)

My mother was born in the former Yugoslavia and has a history of post traumatic stress dating back to her childhood experiences of civil war, in her country of origin, as well as that of the world war that followed the civil one. She has periodically suffered from intense nightmares involving her war time experiences ever since then. In recent years, her nightmares, combined with her age and cardiac condition, have resulted in numerous emergency room encounters. Her normally healthy blood pressure and heart rate have reached dangerous levels following some of these nightmares, and she has had a number of TIA’s and small infarcts.

Since my mother began treatment with the NES system for her anxiety and history of trauma she has not had a nightmare and her blood pressure and heart rate have been in the ideal range each time they have been checked. She is also calmer and happier then I have ever known her to be. Presently she does occasionally awaken from bad dreams if she falls asleep during the day but these dreams have not caused her blood pressure or heart rate to increase and she easily reorients to the present, where she knows she is safe and cared for. She is still receiving treatment and I anticipate that even these daytime dreams will become a phenomenon of the past.
A.N., Victoria, B.C. (September 2018)

I have found Wolfgang Zilker to be an attentive and intuitive practitioner who introduced me to NES a few months ago. I have been surprised by the accuracy of the overall NES body analysis the first time I went. Within only a few minutes, NES identified areas I needed to work on to improve my health.

The immediate change I felt after NES treatments regarding a few health issues I was dealing with at the time, e.g. severe swelling of toe joint, acute shoulder / lower back pain, impressed me. I understand that there are additional treatment options, e.g. infoceutical drops, but I have not tried them yet. The NES treatments alone worked very well for me.
D.S. Herold, Victoria, B.C. (March 2018)